Low Carbon House

In partnership with TrinityHaus, Glenbeigh have developed a 'Low Carbon Adaptable House' revolutionising how we build for future generations.

Glenbeigh was delighted to collaborate with TrinityHaus on a research project (for non-profit) which examines the design, construction and monitoring of a low carbon, adaptable home.

In basic terms Glenbeigh designed a system build house, constructed within Glenbeighs Off Site manufacturing facility with environmentally friendly products. This entire innovative process reduces the CO2 emissions for the entire build process. This metal frame hybrid system building was then erected on site in less than 10 weeks. The house, once built can be adapted to accommodate add or remove additional bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, studies easily using pre-engineered designs and construction techniques avoiding the requirement for invasive, destructive traditional re-modelling works. Glenbeigh as an example, can literally drop in a new bathroom, connect it and you have a fully operational adapted property, meeting your current requirements.

The dwelling was constructed with built in adaptable features to facilitate flexibility, phased expansion or contraction and the future integration of new renewable technologies.

A real time prediction tool within the building now records actual energy consumption of the building, a prediction algorithm then has the potential to be linked to a rating tool for dwellings, providing massive potential for clients with large housing stock s with a view to “greening the nation’s housing stock”. Glenbeigh has put itself at the forefront to tackle this issue and is deliver a cost-effect way of making housing more energy efficient and adaptable for the generation of the 'family home'.


Client Location Architect
TrinityHaus / Glenbeigh Meath TrinityHaus
Floor Area Programme Role
3,000 sqft 10 weeks Main contractor and Manufacturer


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