T1 Arrivals Hall

Glenbeigh was appointed as management contractors for the upgrade of T1 Arrivals Hall at Dublin Airport. The brief was to update the arrivals hall and bring light into the space by use of a combination of natural light through increased external glazing, the installation of efficient LED lighting and the highest standards of internal finishes. The challenge was to upgrade the facility whilst still keeping it operational as Ireland’s main airport terminal. This was successfully done by utilising Glenbeigh Managerial and programming skills. The project was achieved within budget and time constraints. Whilst carrying out this project Glenbeigh also upgraded the tenant units in the Arrivals hall for a number of high street clients, with minimal disruption to their ongoing business.

Client Location Architect
DAA Dublin Airport Pascall & Watson
Floor Area Programme Role
38,000 sqft 50 weeks Management Contractor


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